Thursday, January 31, 2013

New Year Priorities

Well, Happy *belated* New Year, Lymies!  I hope the new year and colder temps are treating you well.  On this last day of January, I propose that we not make new year resolutions, but instead new year priorities!  Since I got married in September of last year, I completely abandoned my treatment protocol.  Shame on me...I know, I know.  And so now I am trying to pick up the pieces and get my life back on track.  I haven't taken Mepron in months and my glucose level is so outta whack that I am now pre-diabetic and can only drink fruit smoothies until I can get my glucose back under control.  Let's see, I lost my health insurance and have been playing the waiting game with trying to get Medicaid.  I am sure you can relate how incredibly frightening it is for someone with Lyme Disease to not have insurance!!!  

Anyway, so here is my plan. I have decided to stop having a pity party for myself!  Yes, it sucks that I have been battling Babesia for over a year now, and yes it sucks that I feel like I'm starting  my treatment over from scratch, but things could be much worse!  I am choosing to look at the positives.  Resolutions are made to be broken, so let's join together to make some priorities in our lives.

My New Year Priorities:
1. Eat Healthy and Get my Glucose Level under Control
2. Focus my Energies on Getting Well INSTEAD of Feeling Sorry for Myself
3. Get Back on my Treatment Plan even if it means Taking Baby Steps to Get There
4. Find the Positives in Each Day (even on my worst days)

What small new year priorities can you make?

And here is my New Year "Make Margaritas" inspiration for today....

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