Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Experiment...muahahaha! (Evil Scientist Laugh)

This Monday was the first Monday I have been able to wake up and go to work by 8am in 2 weeks!!!  In other words, I have a pattern that almost every Monday I have a flair that lasts into Tuesday and most of the time the symptoms are so crippling, I can't work.  I don't really know what is so special about this week...it almost doesn't feel real.  The only thing I can think of is that I didn't take my Artemisinin on Wednesday because I was still in a flair... I only took it Thursday with my Mepron.  So, here is the experiment...this week I am going to try that again and see if makes a difference next week.  Okay, okay...I can hear all of you screaming at me.  I know I need to talk to my doctor!  I just want to see if I get the same results first...then I will call her...PROMISE!   Kids, do not try this experiment at home :)  I am not advising anyone to try this!  There...that is my disclaimer!  I just want to function on a daily basis...can I get an AMEN!  So here is my "Make Margarita's" inspiration for today: (and I am totally stealing it from LymeChick..thanks!)  "Keep a firm grip on faith.  The suffering won't last forever." 

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  1. Hey there LymeMargarita!

    I am a fellow Lymie who relates to your blog because of your love for Tori (I just missed her in concert because of a flare up :( ) and your faith in a higher power to get you through. I recently started a blog myself that I would love to share with you. It is www.sothisiswhereigo.wordpress.com
    I hope to hear back from you and wish you good luck with your expirement!